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Atlas - A Graphic Server
The ATLAS is a sophisticated broadcast and production graphics system.

ATLAS can be applied in a wide range of TV channels: sport, news, music, business and finance, and others. Its functions include multiple crawls, rolls, still and animated graphics, logos, promos, clock and temperature, data-driven schedule text and graphics, SMS and Internet chat and interactive services.

Operating with the standard TRUE-TYPE fonts, ATLAS has a variety of different effects that may be applied to symbols: shades, outlines and contours, gradient-fill and 3D effects.

ATLAS supports all standard graphic formats and makes use of multi-layered animated compositions. The alpha-channel gives an opportunity of obtaining the highest quality semi-transparent graphics keyed over a background image.

The ATLAS server itself combines the tools for design, rendering and play out of graphics. It can be used in a network configuration when functions of design and play out are split between different PC terminals.

We make use of the ATLAS server as a graphic platform for putting into effect the unique technologies and proprietary software used exclusively in a broad variety of TV programs, such as game shows (Love At First Sight, Russian Rulette, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?), sport, entertaiment and political events (Continental Hockey League games, Russian National Championship soccer matches, Miss Russia beauty pageant, St Petersburg International Economic Forum etc.) The ATLAS software operates in Windows environment and uses OpenGL and DirectX 3D technologies. All programs support multilanguage interface. NEWSWIRE This software allows to use ATLAS in news and business TV channels for automated play out of text and graphic information. The NEWSWIRE can render two independent simultaneous text crawls, animated logos, screen clocks as well as static or animated objects displaying various textual or/and graphic data. Play out can be controlled automatically according to schedule or manually. A data source can be either local or remote (e.g. Internet). Support of the XML format allows to implement graphics in the text blocks as well as various styles of displaying the textual data.

The program is fitted with a style editor, a text editor and a control panel. The style editor determines the layout of crawls, their positioning upon the screen, fonts, sizes, colour and transparency of symbols, as well as the speed of crawls. The text editor is equipped with an automatic spell-check function. The program can also operate in a network configuration with the use of one computer (for play out of crawls) coupled with a few other PC terminals to be used by one or several editors in a newsroom who would compile the textual blocks. The above method greatly increases the efficiency of the system, allowing to prepare and double check the text crawls during broadcasts.

Another area in which the NEWSWIRE program can be used is news broadcasts aimed for deaf persons. It can provide the text crawls linked to each news plots and newsreaders’ speeches. The text editor is equipped with a specific feature allowing to align the time length of text crawls in relation to news plots. It calculates the actual chronometry (running time) of crawls. In case the chronometry exceeds the running time of news, the critical portion of the text becomes highlighted in red, thereby making it easier for TV personel to spot any excesses which can be shorten, as appropriate.


It is the TV clock generator. The program lets create and play out the multilayered graphic compositions including the screen analog or digital clocks. This sofware is distinguished for its great simplicity in use. There are only three files a user has to load and open to operate the actual clock. These are images of the hourly, minute and second hands. Unlike the other likewise systems whose operators must render separate files for every position of clock hands, the Chime Of Bells rotates them automatically round the stipulated fulcrum.

The digital clock is put into effect by using the TRUE-TYPE fonts and appliance of various effects (shade, contours etc.) Alternatively, each symbol can be a graphic file. Several clocks may be located upon one screen displaying time in various time zones. It is also possible to combine the analog and symbol clocks on the same screen.

For the most complex artistic solutions, there is an additional opportunity of creating a clock in which every stage of the hourly, minute and second hands is defined as a separate TGA file.

The clock generator allows to play out a full-screen video background and audio that can be reproduced synchronically with the trotting seconds hand.

The synchronization of clocks is carried out from a signal source of exact time: an NTP server, an LTC source, or alternatively from a local device that supports the NMEA protocol, for instance, a GPS receiver.


This is a character generator and a basic program for creating and playing out static and animated text blocks – rolls, crawls, teletype. The CG is comprised of a style editor, design editor and a control panel.

The style editor is used for creating of symbols’ layout. You must choose a font, size of symbols and intervals. A broad range of effects can be applied: contours, shades, gradient-filled colour, highlighting effects, 3D with vertical and horizontal turns. Colours and a transparency are determined for the symbols themselves and their effects. A design editor can be used to format text, aligning the textual blocks around the edges and in the middle, softly positioning them and certain symbols, splitting the text into pages, putting stop marks, enhancing the material with drawings and animation, leveling and adjusting those equally in relation to each other. In addition to the above operations, it can also edit the multi-layered compositions, import text files and perform modular operations using a clipboard. At the disposal of the editor there is a table of symbols and unlimited UNDO/REDO operations.

The character generator has additional capacities: logos, digital clocks and temperatures (by way of using an external devices.)