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Uzbekistan uses Atlas-Sport on AIBA competitions.


International boxing association AIBA became a regular partner of INTV company. Real-time TV graphics workstation Atlas-Sport was used fifth time on boxing competitions in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.


Cooperation starts in may of 2015 after emergency request from Uzbek television to help realize TV graphics of the boxing tournament. For two days was done great job by INTV engineers - full graphic was prepared in order with AIBA Pro Boxing (APB) regulations, distant training courses with Uzbek engineers and full technical support during the broadcast of the event. Such a quality job was gratitude by Uzbekistan Boxing Federation because it was first time when APB association held this tournament in Tashkent.

Well done broadcast made future partnership useful for both sides. After couple of next successful tournaments carried with INTV, Uzbekistan Boxing Federation got accreditation for organizing The World Series Boxing (WSB) tournament and opportunity to create their own national boxing team “Uzbek tigers” which later became one of the 16 teams able to be in WSB.

The last time competition was held on 26 and 27 of February in “Uzbekistan” arena. INTV engineer took part at the event, besides graphic production he provided data receive from the Swiss Timing scoring system using Sport-Proxy-System software, which is one of the INTV products, and worked on air with APB and WSB personal designed graphic.

Working on international competitions always gives unforgettable experience and it help us to improve our products for future customers from all over the world.


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Real AIBA translation on Tashkent, 2016. Used Atlas-Sport workstation.