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IP Service for Miss Russia 2012 Beauty Pageant
INTV Company introduced new products IP Cast (INTV) and C-Cast (EVS).

INTV Company had presented its own interactive voting system on Miss Russia Beauty Pageant within two years. This year INTV specialists introduced two new solutions – IP Cast product and C-Cast tool from business partner EVS.

About 12 million people had watched the finals of the 20th Miss Russia Beauty Pageant this year. To cover such a large audience the organizers had planned to show live broadcast online of extended director's cut of the final event. INTV specialists solved this problem with new graphics station for IP broadcasting - IP-Cast

IP Cast is a combination of IP-coding tools and the well-proven graphic station Atlas, adapted for the preparation of interactive graphics for webcasts. IP Cast provide the viewer to choose one of four simultaneous broadcast video signals with a special player, taken from different angles, without interrupting the audio track.

IP Cast allowed to fill the webcast of final show for information that could not get TV viewers: enhanced personal details of the contestants data, more detailed information about their hobbies, as well as additional photos.

Also INTV specialists introduced C-Cast tool from business partner EVS. C-Cast creates so-called "second screen" on the show site. Viewers who watch broadcasts on the TV channel can use any extra screen (smartphone, tablet or laptop) to read at a special resource of breaking news events, more information about participating, participate in online voting, viewing the fragments do not fall into a television broadcast or view video, shot from multiple angles. C-Cast service has allowed not only to expand the audience for broadcast during the event, but also a place for spectators archive, where you can view details of events, even after a few weeks.